High Frequency Healing
"Dear Roger,  the 18 Feb it's my birthday !!!! and I will be very happy to receive your energy that I always feel all over my body first, then it goes to my feet(because I have neuropathy) then it goes to my lungs and my stomach.  I can really feel the energy like a smooth rain that makes something like a "mantello".  Anyway, it's so great as I wake up the day after, then I must tell you that all the people you send energy to, they send me a mail with joy the day after...thanks and love ever to you Roger."
V. in Italy

"Hi Rogelio, 
Thank you for what you are doing. Your transmissions are working and very powerful. I know I'll be stepping into my work in the very near future and I'm currently learning patience lol -  I guess I have a lot of healing to do, even though I can sense that I'm here to be a part of this too... (healing I know, and transmissions I feel it, etc). I suppose I've taken on a lot this time around and still struggling to NOT struggle ;) and I'm getting there, thanks to people like you! Bless you a thousand time!  
With Love, LIGHT and thanks always, "
L. L.

"Thank you so much for your light and energy!  I always feel such a joyous and marvelous energy.  I had suffered an injury to my neck and shoulder and I'm happy to report today - ALL GONE and I have a nice "light, floaty" feeling."

"Last Thursday's session was so gratifying and powerful that even the next day(Friday) I was feeling the energy continuing to flow all morning long throughout my body...that day was such a gift from God and my body experienced an incredible well being." 
C.G. in New York 

"Dear Roger,
The moment I signed up for tonight's healing session the room lit up, I felt a wave of contentment and peace come over me, my head and hands started to tingle, and the pain I had in my right arm has disappeared!
I have been trying to break the shackles of judgmental thought and self-pity, and suddenly they are gone and I feel clean and whole. God bless you."
M. P. in Portugal 

"Hi Roger, 
Since the May 26th distance session my mom has gone from laying in bed unable to help herself to sitting up, feeding herself, short walks with a wheeled walker, and now can talk sentences, it's a slow but steady improvement. The Dr's are now talking about admitting her to rehab in the next few weeks. Thanks for your help, keep up the good work, Love and brilliant light to you."
M. in Australia

"Dear Roger,
My son is well now. His fever has gone and his appetite is back to normal again.  Thank God.
Now he is very happy and lots of smile on his face :)
Much love and many blessings,"
K. in Indonesia 

"This is about the real power of healing and how we can help each other. On Sunday evening I was feeling exhausted. I had been picking cherries on my land and again forgot the ticks in that area. I was picking them off different body parts leaving red bite marks. By Monday it was worse and I was imagining Borreliosis or Lyme disease or maybe it was what is called signs of ascension. I don't know. On Friday morning-for us- Rogelio(Roger) sent distant healing and I forgot although I had sent the intention the day before. Friday morning I woke at five feeling 30 years younger and absolutely different. Fatigue has been with me a long time. I don't talk about such things to anybody. The healing had the effect of lifting a long term fatigue which was only worse after the tick bites. This healing from Rogelio is powerful and we are very privileged he is right here with his very warm presence."
V. in CZECH Republic

the distance transmissions you are sending my mother in Montana are helping tremendously.  Her doctor lowered one of her medication dosages AND the amount of oxygen she has to use for her COPD.  Thank you SO MUCH and keep the love coming, please!!"
S.M. in Florida

"At about 8 PM I began to experience a feeling of peace and calm which increased gradually.  I then began to see this wonderful bright white light which grew larger in the shape of a circle.  I then saw the faces of a man and two women, very beautiful.  I've never felt such peace before. Thank you!" 
B.G. in New York

"I fell asleep during this session and remember being in contact with two friends and two family members  who passed away years ago...I had tears on my face. Thank you."
M.G. in New York

"Thank you, Roger, I still feel the energy flowing this morning!"
F.M. in France

"I felt incredible peace and warmth."
W.V. in Canada

"The palms of my hands got very warm...my mood changed swiftly and has stayed up since then."
M.G. in Missouri

"I wish everybody could feel the tranquility, love and well being I'm feeling right now!  I don't know what you've done but it's still flowing in me."
M.M. in Panama

"This morning I'm feeling very relaxed and there's an increase of energy in my body. Thank you!"
C.A. in Florida

"After your session I felt a shift in my energy.  Since then I've been moving forward in my Reiki practice again.  Thank you for the boost!"
K.S. in Australia

"I felt a head to toe healing of my body.  Thank you so much!"
J.B. in Alabama" I have to tell you, whatever you did,  thank you!  I have been feeling fabulous for 2 days!  Your energy session helped keep me grounded and energized and ready to keep me focused and awake and present all week!  Thank you!  "
M.F. in Florida 

"Tonight at 7 pm, I was pushing my kids on their swing set and I pulled out my phone to check the time.  7 pm on the dot. [when you started the session]  As I was putting my phone back in my pocket, the chronic pain that I've had on my right side disappeared.  It stayed away for 15 minutes, and then the palms of my hands got very warm.  I was very hopeful and happy - my mood changed swiftly and has stayed up since then."
M.G. in Missouri 

"I did tap in... and I felt incredible peace. I was quite frazzled yesterday by the dreams of the night before. They were weighing heavily on my mind. I felt a warmth and peace and actually it continued for a couple of hours until I got to sleep. Sleep was also more peaceful".
W.V. in Canada 

"Wow!  I did as you suggested and drank a lot of  water before 8 pm yesterday.  During 8-9 pm I relaxed so much I fell asleep  which is quite interesting because I have difficulty falling asleep and in  recent weeks had been taking something to help me sleep.  I woke up at  about 9:30 and felt remarkably relaxed.  I fell back asleep quickly and  slept through the night without having to take anything to help me  sleep.   This morning I am feeling very relaxed and there is an  increase in the energy in my body. It is a beautiful feeling.  Thank you  ever so much."
C.A. in Florida

"Last night I was lying down during the transmission, relaxing and listening to music. A couple of times I felt movement, like the ghosts of fingers, on either side of my face. Then I believe I drifted to sleep, feeling peaceful. When I woke up I caught whiffs of a perfume or incense that  smelled flowery, but that wasn't mine." 
C.L. in Illinois 

"Just previous to [the long distance session] I did some body relaxation & felt some energy moving up through my lower body/ abdomen which was an unusual feeling. The rest of the night I had some curious dreams. One in particular was about someone I used to know & have never really managed to let go of. I thought I'd healed that, but the dream brought up some stuff today which made me think it is yet more releasing of my throat chakra."
J.G. in United Kingdom

"I have to admit that I woke up that day with an increased feeling of well-being. I just felt an increased amount of good, happy energy around. It was interesting!   I was almost as I was being nudged to meditate. So I sat down and had a really nice, blissy meditation- a better one than usual. I fell into a deep sleep and when I woke up, I noticed that I was experiencing some interesting sensations in my jaw.  I felt this interesting energetic sensation going from my jaw towards my lips. And once it arrived at the tip of my lips it just sort of dissipated. And by the way- my jaw/face is SO much better since Tuesday! Many, many thanks!!!"
M.L. in Florida 

"I laid down closed my eyes, there was tingling on my shoulder, temple and foot for a bit, then the weirdest thing happened... I started feeling a light but firm pressure on my stomach, and then I began visualizing the pressure on my stomach and it kept pressing my stomach further and further down but at the same time it was forming this scoop sort of shape, like with an ice cream scoop, I couldn't shake off the visual (not that I really tried) but it was odd because i'm not very good at visualizing things. And I know I was awake still and not dreaming because I reached up and touched my stomach to feel the shape of it...that's how vivid the visualization was! It was crazy!  Then I got really tired and fell asleep for a good 2 hours." 
C. B. in California 

"It was in the middle of the night for me, and I was fast asleep during the healing time...but I have noticed that the days after the healing I felt a calmness, something had changed but I didn't know what, still don't.  It's a calmness, a knowing that "all is well" since the healing took place.  Thank you :)"
N.K. in France 

"I felt a head to toe healing of my body.  Specific areas in my body were also feeling cleansed, like my lungs.  I had a very physical and visual experience of toxins leaving my body and my balance was being adjusted.  I heard some words too, that felt very comforting.  I feel guided to release toxic relationships and activities. I feel revitalized and more at peace with myself.  Thank you so much!"
J.B. in Alabama

"I could feel the energy on Thursday night during the distance healing!!!  I could feel the energy in my hands, and feet.  It felt like it felt when you were here[direct session few days before]-like more releasing!
It feels really good, like an infinite amount of love and support-blissful.
Roger, what you are doing is really awesome!"
P.S. in Florida

"I've known Roger for 5 years now.  He has given me countless hours of energy work over the years and I've remained in a state of health, feeling and looking years younger after each session.  It's very noticeable how the energy helps me.  Not only does the energy help my body but my mind as well.  It works on each layer of me, like the skin of an onion, peeling back and healing one layer at a time.  I have seen him heal others in my family as well as I have witnessed the healing take place in others he works with.
I would recommend him highly under any circumstance.  Very often he heals people long distance and always picks up on their physical and emotional blockages while on the phone with them.  I've experienced this first hand.  Those who come in his contact are truly blessed." 
Marybeth De Sarle in Florida

"Roger, there are no words but I will try.  First of all, thank you!  I'm a 60-yr old believer in you and your gift of help for medically sick individuals.  Without your gift of kindness I would still be suffering from:  Sciatica, Heart Problems, Kidney Problems, and Liver Problems.
As of this day, Father's Day, all my medical problems have totally diminished, and are at almost normal levels.  Let me state one example: Three weeks ago, my kidneys were functioning at 17%, and I was two points away from dialysis. After a couple of brief sessions with you, Roger, my kidneys are working at over 40% capacity. I look forward to more help from you.. I just don't know where I would be without your gift of help!"
Bruce M., Broward Sheriff's Office in Florida

"Roger, I could really feel the distance energy tonight.  It was a great sense of peace that I experienced.  Just wanted to let you know."
Paul S. in Florida

"My husband says he felt calm/floaty just before, during and after the session, and wanted to move slowly and stay quiet, and just take it in.  
I had a knee injury that has been nagging me since mid-December -- it had been healing slowly if at all.  Interestingly enough, this week it is far better than it has been, *almost* pain free, which I thought it might never get to this point. It is such a quick change and the timing was interesting, I thought I should mention it.  I have stopped needing to take Ibuprofen for it. During the session I also felt calm and a need to move slowly. It felt a little bit like I was floating above my body.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate!"  
J. B. in New Orleans, LA

"Last night was the first night in MONTHS that I slept through without once waking up!  I was so relaxed and at peace, it was amazing."
W.V. in Ontario, Canada

"I wanted to thank you again for that free healing I got last month.  I am amazed still. I intend to let people know on this other forum that I belong to that I am impressed with your healing. I love how I feel mentally and emotionally."
C.D. in California

"I'm in Australia so it was around 10 am. I didn't feel anything major or obvious at first, just really relaxed as if I have taken a warm bath. I took a nap and when my husband came home (you also sent him energy) he was in an unusually good mood.  Later on I began to realize that a problem I had been having with my Reiki self practice was opening up.  I had been in a rut with my personal healing and after your treatment I felt a shift in the energy. Since then I have been moving forward in my Reiki practice again.  Thank you for the boost!"
K.S. in Australia

"Before you started the session, I felt as if I was walking and surrounded by clouds. Or, as if I were inside a balloon of energy.  It was as if the air around me had body mass.  All during the distance session, even now as I am writing this 15 minutes later, I felt a pleasant warmth.  The energy continues to flow up and down my body.  As soon as I laid down and closed my eyes, colors immediately appeared.  It was like a slide show of changing colors but the predominant one was green.  I also saw points of light in white, violet and indigo blue.  My hands were very hot.  A lot of energy was coming out of them, especially the right hand. I really felt more heat up and down the right side of my body. 
I asked, "God, please guide me and let your will be done and not mine."  I felt pressure at the opening of the stomach, and on my chest, at the 4th chakra level; it felt as if they were pressing from the inside towards the outside, as if something was being pulled out of me.  I felt some mild anxiety and pressure.
My dog also got a lot of energy!  He wouldn't leave my side and looked at me as if to say "What is happening to me?  What's going on?" He's deeply asleep next to me right now and looks at peace.
I wish everybody could feel, at least, a little bit of the tranquility, love and well-being I am feeling right now!  I don't know what you've done or where you focused to send this energy, but it is still flowing in me. 
Roger, may God bless you always, and may He continue to expand the gifts He has given you." 
Maria Martin in Panama

"Roger has been phenomenal in not only treating me, but also my family members.  Recently, we did a distance session where the energy was sent to my mom for her breathing difficulties.  I called her later that evening and not only was she not short of breath, she laughed and said she didn't know where she was getting all this energy.  Well, I know where she got it ...  I'm very grateful for all the improvements my mother and I have experienced since I started working with Roger."
Sandy M. R.N. in Florida
  "Regarding the free healing session my mother and I participated in  ...I had a slight headache half way through that lasted probably about ten minutes, and then after that, and for two hours after, no back pain--- whatsoever. Absolutely none.
And for me this is saying something! About nine years ago, I had scoliosis surgery, and they put two titanium rods down my back to correct the curve after having me in a back brace for several years.  Since then, I've had days where pain becomes a challenge, and other days where I hardly notice it because I'm so used to it by now that it's just - well, there.
Last Thursday, though, I could actually say that there *wasn't* any pain whatsoever. :-) For two hours after, even, and I slept better for it.  Thanks!" S.W. in Florida

"I've had enormous amounts of energy today and am in way better spirits than I have been ALL WEEK!  I'm not feeling anxious today, and I've gotten SO much done around the house, just been a lil' cleaning machine, even cleaned the bathrooms, which I HATE and didn't give it a 2nd thought! =)  I'm attributing it to the energy treatment, so thank you Roger!" 
C.B. in California

"On the day that the healing took place for us (the next day from you because of our time zones) my husband and I both felt really good emotionally. We had a very nice evening together and ended up having a great talk about some spiritual things that we hadn't talked about in a very long time. We had some relationship revelations too! It was a very uplifting day. I felt wonderful the whole weekend. Thank you so much for sharing this healing energy with all of us." 
Kim and Nick in Queensland, Australia

"Okay..so.. on the hip issue I told Roger about.  The pain is multifaceted.  The hip on the outer "rump" hurts but also the muscles on the inside attaching leg to the groin area can be very painful.  So I'm relaxing for the session all of a sudden my hip and shoulder both get very warm.  THEN.  I feel a vice-like grip grab that muscle on my inner thigh and hold it tight.. then release.. then tight.. then release.. this went on for like 15 mins.  It was so intense!!  But, today it feels like it's relaxed quite a bit - Wow!"
W.V. in Ontario, Canada

"Roger, I just read your email a minute ago, about sending me more energy.  While I was out and about, I suddenly had a flip to feeling of well being and less body pain, whereas earlier today I was fairly miserable.  The thought came to my mind, "I wonder if Roger is doing some touch ups?" (for lack of a better label) And as if that weren't enough, I was almost home and became emotional with waves of joy. I'll make an effort for some more meditation time and focus on those ideas you mentioned, I think you probably are spot on about them."
J.L. in Louisiana
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